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The teams at Sushi Guy always look forward to serving you, making sure you have not only the best sushi experience but also the best restaurant experience possible. To do that we like to send out a quick survey every so often to see what we can improve on and how we as a company can bring you all better service, food and quality. Click the Survey button for just 60 seconds of your time, which can save you a whole lot of time on your next visit to Sushi Guy!

BYO Sushi, Poké & Woks

Design your own meal with our huge range of fresh fish, cooked meats, prepped daily vegetables and made from scratch sauce.

Sushi Roll

$7.89 Starting
  • Make your wrap the way you want, starting with your sheet style, the Standard Rice on the outside, inverted or even soy paper.
  • Cores: Red Cabbage or Spring Medley
  • Pick one protein such as Atlantic Salmon, Tempura Shrimp or even Grilled Southern Chicken. Add more for $2 Each
  • Fresh Vegetables like grated carrot, creamy avocado and steamed asparagus, even be a little naughty and have some cream cheese( Sssh we won't tell)
  • Top it off with options like our signature Round Eye Sauce, Tobikko, or even Togorashi Spice
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Poké Bowl

$7.89 Starting
  • Grab all your favorite ingredients from our Sushi Wraps and have them in a bowl!
  • Cores: Red Cabbage, Spring Medley, & White or Brown Rice.
  • Pick a Protein like shredded spicy crab, or bbq eel. Add more proteins for just $2 per additional.
  • Veggies galore, all fresh and prepped daily. Like sweet sautéed corn, or juicy cucumber, pick your favorites.
  • Give yourself the extra treatment with great house made sauces with a wide range of flavors
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Wok Box

$7.89 Starting
  • Pick a core like fry'd rice, noodles or assorted hot veggies
  • Fill your tummy with braised steak, grilled chicken or seared salmon
  • Load up on some veggies like broccoli, peas or carrots
  • Even add Jalapeños or Avocado
  • Top it off with our sauces like our sweet teriyaki, or sweet with a kick sweet chili sauce
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely, we have dozens of Sushi Rolls like the California roll, Philadelphia Roll and even our signature ones like the Round Eye & Temptation. Plus these are at a great discount. Just view our menu or order online under our #Sushi, Specialty or Premium Categories!

While we got our roots and fandom started as Round Eye Sushi Guy, we are pushing our concept to a whole other level. Our menus are the same, and they are still part of the Sushi Guy experience.

We are! We offer our small local delivery, including to UT Campus and also will be launching on Waitr® in June 2018. Our Sushi Guy Delivery fee is $2.50 and a $20 Minimum order which is plenty for 2 people!

Our concept is to embrace everyones talents and diminish ones weaknesses, we are a team, a family, and look to bring the best out of people. Our staff are all cross trained and ready to jump on whenever nessecary in whatever position needed. Fell free to apply at our link below, to print our application, or apply on Indeed®. We look forward to adding to our team and community everyday.

While we have a bar, we are not your run of the mill sushi bar. Our customers and fans create the sushi from the highest quality fish cuts, daily cut vegetables and made from scratch sauce to create a wholesome and flavorful Roll, Bowl or Box. To compare what we do to a traditional sushi restaurant would be like comparing cats to dogs, we are completely different animals, both lovable but different experiences.

When sushi was first created, it was a quick snack for Chinese and Japanese fisherman to eat while at sea. They would bring fermenting rice in barrels and make what is now traditionally known as Nigiri & Sashimi. Later Nori (Seaweed) became apart of the method creating Maki rolls which in the 21st century is what sushi has primarily become. We have taken this core concept to heart, a working-mans, affordable & quick bite to eat and are utilizing modern cooking methods to do so. Faster, fresher and more affordable than ever with great flavors and twists

We appreciate the feedback!

Our new location, 3979 University Blvd. Tyler, Texas (Across the street from UT Tyler) features all new services, with the same great Sushi Guy Menu! Be sure to take our quick 60-second survey by clicking the link!

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If anyone who comes through this way or lives anywhere within 75 miles this place is LEGIT!! Food was absolutely the best I've had since living in Japan!! Yaki Soba was rockin, all the rolls were Delish!! Casual atmosphere, outside dining, the fry'd rice is frickin insane!! Desserts try the Banzai Banana!! Holy cow!! I'll be back!!

Kimberly C.

Fort Worth, TX
An unexpectedly high-quality sushi restaurant. The owner and wife were out on the floor making sure all the customers are happy. I was offered free chips and drink and the menu was explained to me; almost too friendly. Had the fresh salmon Katana roll and a shrimp tempura roll and the Edamame. It is a takeout type of restaurant where you order at the counter and they bring it to you.

Teena F.

Hermiston, OR

Waitr Delivery

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