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Featured Roll


A Roll that is both Spicy and Flavorful; FEATURING Steamed Butterfly Shrimp, Cucumber, Asparagus, Spicy shredded Crab AND A DRIZZLE OF Sriracha Sauce.

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What is Street-Style Sushi?

When sushi was first created, it was a quick snack for Chinese and Japanese fisherman to eat while at sea. They would bring fermenting rice in barrels and make what is now traditionally known as Nigiri & Sashimi. Later Nori (Seaweed) became apart of the method creating Maki rolls which in the 21st century is what sushi has primarily become. We have taken this core concept to heart, a working-mans, affordable & quick bite to eat and are utilizing modern cooking methods to do so. Faster, fresher and more affordable than ever with great flavors and twists.

Are you a Traditional Sushi Bar or Hibachi Place?

We are definitely not your run of the mill sushi bar. Our customers and fans create the sushi from the highest quality fish cuts, daily cut vegetables and made from scratch sauce to create a wholesome and flavorful Roll, Bowl or Box. To compare what we do to a traditional sushi restaurant would be like comparing cats to dogs, we are completely different animals, both lovable but different experiences.

Do you offer Delivery?

We Do! We offer our small town delivery and are also available on 3rd Party Delivery Services such as Waitr®, GrubHub, DoorDash and Favor. Our own Sushi Guy Delivery service fee is $5 and no Minimum order!

Are you Round Eye Sushi Guy?

While we got our roots and fandom started as Round Eye Sushi Guy, we are pushing our concept to a whole other level. Our menus are the same, and they are still part of the Sushi Guy experience.

How do we tell you how you are doing?

The teams at Sushi Guy always look forward to serving you, making sure you have not only the best sushi experience but also the best restaurant experience possible. To do that we like to send out a quick survey every so often to see what we can improve on and how we as a company can bring you all better service, food and quality. Click the Survey button for just 60 seconds of your time, which can save you a whole lot of time on your next visit to Sushi Guy!