Nick Hillier

Join a driven & motivated team, working for success.

Sushi Guy Co. was founded in 2016 - we are a fast-casual takeout, drive thru, delivery destination for an engaged + inspired sushi dining experience. We prepare food the right way, in the kitchens of our restaurants, fresh everyday. we seek to create meaningful relationships with our team, our customers, and our community through real food and passionate service. We aspire to unite people through memorable and positive experiences. We respect our food and the people who eat it.

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Go-Getter Attitude

Coming in everyday with a driven and motivated attitude, ready to face the days challenges not only on a professional level, but a personal one, devoting ones abilities to a positive team effort.

Passion for Learning

Teamwork and skill building is essential to our brand, its vital to our integrity as a successful and beloved company for new and avid followers.

Expand & Promote the Brand

While living and breathing a brands motto isn't what we are here to force on you, we do want you to love the brand as much as we love your effort and devotion to it.

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Ready to start your journey? Career?

We believe that our team is the best in the business, we want to add to it, wether you are new to working a job, or have 20 years experience, we build our teams from the ground up, unified and strong to face any task, if you're up for the task, click the buttons below.